Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 26 - Review: "Ep 26"

With as much time spent on the Osaka game this episode is something of a disappointment after Sera scores the goal to bring them victory. Instead of some time to actually enjoy the victory, savor in the opponents defeat, the show launches into the next game for a minute or so while highlighting that they've had three wins in a row now. The team is running with good spirits and healthy in-team competition with each other and the results are paying off on the field. Changes are afoot though as we see Akasaki moving on temporarily for a really good opportunity as he gets to join the preliminary group being formed around the Japanese Olympics team.

Akasaki is sent off with some jealousy by others, especially when several realize they're too old to ever be invited to said group, but he's also made to be nervous. Tatsumi gives him a lot of props and then starts looking for his replacement right away and even stating that if the replacement plays better than Akasaki does, he has a shot at keeping the position. A lot of it is said with humor by Tatsumi, but there's always that element of truth as well. Akasaki's expression during this is priceless though. Akasaki's time in the Olympic qualifier game does get covered and it's cute to see how into it Yuri gets as she watches what happens.

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