Countdown DVD Review

Kitty Media has added another title to the rescue list, twice rescued now, as Countdown (originaly Countdown Conjoined) was first released by SoftCel Picture and then taken over by Critical Mass Video a few years ago. Like other recent titles that have come over from the Critical Mass library, Countdown is essentially the same thing with some cosmetic changes that are nice, minus a few simple extras. The show itself looks like it always has, albeit with a touch more clean-up with more advanced authoring since the original SoftCel release back in 2003.

Countdown is made up of a couple of OVA episodes which are then split into a couple of episodes each. Each of the episodes is of varying length, so they're not all say 15 minutes each, but rather all over the map when it comes to running times. This works out well since an episode isn't forced to run longer than it should and the ones deserving of more time actually get it.

The stories here are also what some may consider "vintage" hentai. They're the kind of stories where when they play out, my wife comments on how nobody seems surprised to encounter a hermaphrodite. When my response is, "at least it's not scat" and we both nod approvingly, it shows just how different things have become over the last ten years as the once soft-core hentai market seems to have all but disappeared.

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