Hell Girl: Three Vessels Collection 1 Anime DVD Review

When I watched the first season of Hell Girl, I wondered how they could carry it for too awful long before it would get far too predictable and lose what makes it fun. The second season of the series showed one avenue as Ai ended up being very in vogue within a city where everyone was getting into accessing the Hell Link and making their requests. That gave the show a good twist and made you wonder how it would all really be resolved. It also showed that the series was able to shake things up a bit even if they wanted to use a good portion of each season to tell the straightforward tales that it's known for. Ending the second season with Ai dying definitely wasn't something I expected and made it all the anticipation for the third season all the higher to see how they would resolve that issue. There's plenty of ways to work about it, but at the same time it's no surprise that they really don't delve into it at all for this first half of the season.

Ai's death is dealt with in the basic way here in that the season starts off with the reminder that she has died and her assistants have all gone on to regular jobs among the living for the time being until something changes. It's not that they expect her back, they just don't know what to do otherwise and go for what they feel makes the most sense until someone or something steps in and tells them otherwise. Sadly, the someone that steps in is Kikuri, as she's bringing everyone back together again, along with a young male man who is apparently a yokai himself, to bear witness to Ai's revival and serve her again. Kikuri frustrates me right from the start with her appearance and personality which is made all the worse this season as she spends her time riding a tricycle while having a big windup on her back that she has Yamawaro the yokai turn for her. Yamawaro essentially serves the same as the others in being the curse item but he's not given a proper introduction or any back story.

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