Black Butler II Episode #01 Review

Based on the manga by Yana Toboso, Black Butler II follows the successful first series which ran from late 2008 and into 2009 with a full twenty-four episode run. That series garnered a lot of fans, or fangirls as evidenced by the convention circuit, and has become something of a favorite among US fans that's getting a lot of adoration. I missed out on that series but will get to see it in January 2011 when FUNimation releases it on DVD and Blu-ray. So when the simulcast for Black Butler II came up, I figured I'd give it a spin with no real knowledge of what came before and see where the chips will fall.

Black Butler revolves around the pair of Alois and Claude. Alois is a young man who Claude serves as his butler and apparently both of them are quite vicious. During an early scene at a breakfast where Alois comments on how naked an egg is, one of the maids catches his eye and they're plainly not allowed to look at him. So much so that he pokes her eyes out with his fingers, leaving her a blind and bloody mess. And he does it out of care since if Claude did it, she'd be in far worse shape as he protects his master at all costs. Claude's quite an elegant type as we see him going into a dance routine of sorts when he sets up a dinner table for a visiting group of people that want to see Alois, presumably for money. The style and detail to it are really quite intriguing as it's the kind of refinement that makes Claude all the scarier because he's a cultured and cruel man.

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