Orphen Season 1 and 2 Complete Collection DVD Review

Orphen introduces the viewer to a world that has many similarities to a medieval setting in our own but also a good number of differences-Sorcery, canned food and the presence of ruins of a previous great civilization know as Heavenly beings among then. In this world there exists an organization of sorcerers know as the Tower of Fangs who both train future sorcerers but also look to research and keep the ruins of the Heavenly beings under tight wrap as no small number of them contain artifacts of great power-mostly of the destructive kind. Like many powerful organizations they greatly value their reputation and quickly eschew those who make great mistakes that may tarnish their reputation.

In this world exists a young man who calls himself Orphen and who was a promising member of the Tower of Fangs before he left on a personal quest to help one of the people who made such a mistake believing he is the only one who cares enough to help her. As he finds a city where he believes he can make contact he falls under the gaze of a young woman (Cleao) who sees his profile and a year later still carries a torch for him. During the year from his first appearance before her he takes on a young apprentice Majic who lives in the town though his father who owns a local tavern suspects that Orphen may be stringing his son along to make money while doing nothing. Cleao finally returns home from boarding school to discover that a young man has been peeping on her sister for the past year and also peeps on her. As she storms out she encounters the young man she remembers and her illusions of him are shattered. It turns out however that Orphen is not peeping on either sister but keeping track of a sword in the family├ó€™s possession known as the Sword of Baltanders. Orphen has even placed two short comic relief characters in the house to also keep an eye on it while paying back a debt the older sibling owes Orphen.

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