30 Rock: Season 3

The season premiere of 30 Rock is going to want to piggy-back on the exposure star Tina Fey has received over the past month for her portrayal of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. More people have seen Fey on SNL than have ever watched 30 Rock, which is a sad fact. Hopefully, the Palin buzz should bring a steady helping of new viewers to the show. 30 Rock deserves it too, being one of the best comedies currently on TV. Unfortunately for NBC, I'm not sure how well the premiere episode will grab newcomers – it's not one of 30 Rock's best.

Within seconds of the episode's start, Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy is back outside 30 Rockefeller Center. He's going to get his old job back, even if it means starting in the mail room. Liz Lemon wants to adopt a child, and Megan Mullally guests as a hard ass agent from an adoption agency who investigates Lemon's ability to become a parent. Tracy Jordan's porn video game was a massive success, and he struggles with how to reward those who helped him along the way.

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