Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 18 - Review: ''Chizuru�s Love"

Late on this one again. Sawako is excited about her growing relationship with Kazehaya. Ayane is getting sick of her clingy boyfriend and Chizuru is getting excited for New Years. Sawako and Chizuru go out to get a birthday gift for Ryu which Sawako mistakes for Chizuru having feelings for Ryu. However asking her, Chizuru tells her that she never gets to see this mystery person. We find out that she actually Tohru, Ryu's older brother who lives in Sapporo. The next day, Ayane comes to school with a bruise on her cheek, finding out that she broke up with her boyfriend. Upon talking about broken hearts, Ryu decides to leave the scene where Kazehaya follows him to cheer him up. Later, Ryu unexpectedly shows up at Chizuru's room where he looks like he's about to confess to her (but really to tell her Tohru is going to be in town) but is kicked out because his gift is out in plain view. Ryu there ends up running home in the rain.

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