Sora no Woto - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Chirping Crickets - Spirits Down The River"

As the series has progressed, teasing out bits of the past and the shape of the world as well as having the characters interact individually with Kanata, Soranowoto has built up an interesting premise if one that moves slowly at getting to the meatier material. With the seventh episode, we get a good look back at the past that explores why the world is like it is now and how some of the various customs of today are blended into this strange hodgepodge world that has evolved. And thankfully, all of it really centers on Filicia for the most part with only minor moments by the rest of the cast as they take on a supporting role. Even Kanata is kept to the side for the most part so that Filicia's story can be told.

While Kanata knows it as Obon, the locals call the upcoming festival the Fiesta de Lumieres, which is where people light their candles and float them down the river to help guide the souls of the dead to their destinations instead of getting lost along the way. This is a particularly difficult time for many who lived through the war or had friends and relatives die during it and we learn that even Rio did not celebrate it last year. All attention is focused on Filicia though as she seems to be quieter and more withdrawn than usual, spending time on other activities instead of her cleaning chores and not even eating properly. Everyone wants to be the shoulder she can lean on, but her withdrawn nature at the moment as well as her position in general makes it difficult, even for the earnest people like Kanata.

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