Maid-Sama! Episode #01-03 Review

Originally starting back in the Spring, Kaichou wa Maid-sama! ("The Student Council President is a Maid!"), is an adaptation from the manga by Hiro Fujiwara, centering on the life of Misaki Ayuzawa, the student council president of Seika High School. In June, The Anime Network announced that they would start streaming it, and there are currently seven episodes (the Japanese broadcast is several episodes ahead) available for subscribers to TAN, with only the first episode available for free viewing.

Originally a school for boys, the student population of Seika High is still 80% male and Misaki is the first ever female student council president. Having a personal reason to dislike males (her father got deeply into debt and then skipped out on his family), Misaki rules over the boys with an iron fist, trying to rein them in and control their typical male adolescent behavior. She is forced, however, to take a part-time job in order to help her family to make ends meet. Since her student council duties take up so much time, the only job with hours flexible enough to fit her busy schedule ends up being that of a server at a maid cafe. Yes, those establishments where pretty girls dress in French maid costumes and fawn over their mostly male clientele. While it's obvious that the job is somewhat repugnant to her personally, the pay is good and the place she works is in the next town over, so it is unlikely that anyone in her hometown will learn what she does in her off hours. While she lords it over most of the boys, one boy is something of a nemesis for her, Takumi Usui, the most popular and handsome boy in the school, who seems phased by nothing and impressed by nothing, even the overbearing student council president.

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