Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 45 - Review: ''The Promised Day"

Greed confronts Wrath about the memories that he's experiencing, but Wrath calls him a fool, and the two engage in a brief battle. Wrath clearly has the upper hand, and after nearly getting his head cut off, Greed is forced to retreat. Sometime later, over at the Armstrong estate, Olivier tries to convince her father to retire and turn over the family to her, so her father has Alex to fight her. Olivier has very little trouble defeating her brother, but Alex has also realized that Olivier goal was to send the rest of the family away on vacation so that they wouldn't be taken hostage. Meanwhile, May Chang arrives in Youswell on her way back to Xing, and she runs into a lot of friendly people. This makes her feel bad about what she's doing, and Envy decides to use this to his advantage to convince her that it'd be better for her to go back to Central.

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