Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 15 - Review: "Revolt"

The previous episode of Heroman left me a little less than thrilled, which was unfortunate as the series had been going strongly for me since the start. Once the aliens were gone, Heroman has felt a little listless though it was interesting to see Joey doing his best to help out Center City by using Heroman to rebuild a lot of things in secret and doing lots of cleanup. But once Heroman was outed on TV and belief was that he was part of the Skrugg invasion, he knew he had to get out. That escape sequence was pretty poor and the way everyone has acted has been straight out of clichéd Hollywood movies and TV shows as they do all the obvious things, including splitting up.

Having Hughes find Joey before Minami does is definitely in is favor since Hughes is actually pretty good about things, though some of it may just be a ruse. Unlike the pompous Minami, Hughes is playing it cool and trying to befriend Joey, though he claims that they could have dealt with things better if he had known Joey was the one with the Ghost, or Heroman, from the start. It's actually good to see this play out as a conversation instead of turning into a fight of some sort as Hughes is able to be clear about things. Joey's youth may work against him though as he could be too trusting here and the viewer has so little real information about Hughes that we can't be sure what his real game is either. And that's really refreshing since it adds a fun element of uncertainty to all of it.

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