Heroman- Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "Encounter"

The opening episode of Heroman made me stupidly happy on a couple of fronts. First it gave me more of the fun that Stan Lee brings to all of his projects, including a couple of great cameos where he's waiting on his cup of awesome. I grew up on his writing and his creations so there's an affinity there. The show gave us a fairly standard opening in that we get to know the basics, the locale and how the hero gains his power or friend that he can work with while hinting at numerous other things that will crop up as time goes on. And we got all of it and some action done with beautiful animation. Honestly, I cannot remember another show where the backgrounds felt like it was authentic rather than just a slightly different setting in Japan. Much of this felt like America and that helped to give it a solid flavor outside of the norm.

While we saw the start of the alien invasion in the first episode, I was definitely surprised to see a forthright approach from them as they come to Earth and simply show up. A lot of shows tend to go the other way with a secret war fought against them by the hero, but here they land right in California and everyone thinks they're just doing a new TV show or movie of some sort. The aliens, known as Skrugg, have a good insectoid look to them that's detailed but still fairly simple. I love a good alien invasion and the first three that show up have fun flipping cars, police officers and generally making a problem for everyone with rampant destruction. Their initial mission is pretty straightforward too as they want to find Professor Denton since he foolishly made himself to be the representative of the planet with his broadcasts that managed to reach them.

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