Inu Yasha: Final Act - Season 1 - Episode 20 - Review: "When The Jewel Is Whole"

This is a difficult episode to review; typically, an episode of Inu Yasha will either entertain me or frustrate me. This episode managed to do both by providing a solid story that involved all the characters but robs genuine emotion from it at the end. We begin with Kohaku plunging to the bottom of a ravine; this forces Magatsuhi out of his body just in time for Sesshomaru to slice him into ethereal bits.

However, this does not unlock Kagome's power; Magatsuhi left a bit of his essence in the poison coursing through Miroku. Using this, Magatsuhi uses Rin as his new host. Sesshomaru chases after her leaving the rest of the group to fight Naraku for possession of Kohaku's shard. What follows is a well choreographed battle where everyone is working together and thinking fast.

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