Nodame Cantabile - Season 3 - Episode 6 - Review: ''Lecon 6"

Nodame finds out that Chiaki is actually performing the Ravel piece with Rui in the next performance through Yun Long who lends her the CD that Auclair performs on. Chiaki decides to cook for her and tell her casually. He gets there and it's too late, she already knows. She tells him that he could have told him right away, she would have been disappointed a little but she can deal with it. After seeing what Nodame is doing for Auclair, he decides to cancel his trip to Italy. He is amazed how focused she is, in fact he can't even practice for that long. He is happy that she is finally the concepts of the pieces, a little late but he states, sometimes idiots do great things. While Chiaki explains a Beethoven piece, Nodame stops him and tells him that he can give her hints but not tell her how to play. He agrees, turns her over and kisses her. They continue the practice. Tanya goes to apologize to Kuroki for being rude. Kuroki then asks if she can be his accompanist for the competition he's entering. Back at Nodame's place, she comes back to Chiaki reviewing the pieces she's working on. She tells him that she can do it on her own and that he should focus on his next performances.

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