Shiki Episode #05 Review

If ever there is a show that needs a timeline in order to track so many deaths, it's Shiki. As the show moves back and forth in time some, both in the actual deaths and the exploration of it, it can get confusing to figure out what's happening when and where as it spans about a month or more of time. Even more so as the investigation follows two paths to ferret out information about the victims. Seishen is performing his path by visiting many of the people and friends of the recently deceased while Toshio is putting together his medical investigation with the results from the various cases and what he's gleaned from either the doctors of nearby villages where people died and from his own notes. And all the while, the main village itself seems to carry more and more of an eerie feeling to it.

The pieces are starting to come together a bit, but in an interesting way for the viewer and Natsuno only. When Natsuno heads over to check on Toru who has skipped school again because of a new game he bought, he discovers that he's actually just been pronounced dead by the junior doctor. With what we saw in the previous episode of the dead form of Megumi entering the room and biting him, it certainly explains the relatively quick death in comparison to other people who have died, giving clue as to the differences in how people are bitten relating to how quickly they die. It's a crushing moment for Natsuno to watch, but it's not something he can put into words that people would believe, never mind actually act on. So much of it still feels like a terrible dream as opposed to something that could have really happened.

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