Gungrave Complete Series Box Set DVD Review

For those of you not in the know (mainly because this series is almost ten years old) Gungrave was originally two video games released by Yasuhiro Nightow, of Trigun fame. Unlike my previous review on an anime series based off of a video game this series actually (for the most part) plays out like an anime adaptation of American mafia films and it's only toward the end of the series that things start to smell like a video game adaptation. The series also thematically shares a lot with the classic Trigun anime.

Animated by Studio Madhouse, the director decides to have the first episode take place in the middle of the story where in a grim city landscape where white zombie monsters rule the terrain and they are after a young girl. The only information revealed is that the only person capable of stopping the monsters, Brandon Heat, now goes by the moniker 'Beyond the Grave' and the girl's mother was killed by the Millenion's boss, Harry McDowell who is set on eliminating her as well. Harry and Brandon seem to have a history together and the remainder of the series is told in flashback leading up to the 1st episode's events, which are expanded upon in the last half of the show.

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