Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 16/17 - Review: ''Night Talk/Holiday"

Since the new episode aired today I will make this short. Night Talk was just a recap of of the first fifteen episodes narrated by the tiny men Pin sees.

Sawako invites Chizuru and Ayane over for the day to hang out. At first Sawako's dad is concerned that Sawako has started hanging out with the wrong crowd but after realizing that they brought cake to include them, they knew they were good friends, it never got eaten at that time since Sawako made cake for them. Meanwhile, Kazehaya sees Ryu while walking Maru. Kazehaya gets a call from Pin telling him that he saw Sawako the night before and now it seems like he is possessed and not feeling well. He tells Kazehaya to bring Sawako to him right away. Sawako, Chizuru, Ayane, Kazehaya, and Ryu all go to Pin's dirty apartment and after hearing his symptoms, they all realize he just has the cold. As Sawako tries to take care of him, Kazehaya decides to do everything instead of Sawako since he doesn't her to look like the caring girlfriend to Pin. After the room is cleaned, Pin wakes up and feels good. He thinks that possession has lifted and thanks Sawako. He then notices everyone else and rudely tells them to get out. Kazehaya ends of taking Sawako home and on the way, (with Pin's recommendation) to thank Kazehaya, she grabs his shirt and closes her eyes. Kazehaya thinks this is a queue to go in for the kiss but at the last second she opens up her eyes. Sawako tells Kazehaya that this is what Pin told her to do if she wanted to thank him and it would make him happy. Kazehaya tells her that if she does it again, there's no telling what he'll do next time.

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