Bleach - Season 14 - Episode 259 - Review: "Terror! The Monster That Lurks Underground"

A lot of things have been stolen lately, and since the clues point to the sewers, Hanatarou, Nanao, Ikkaku, and Houzukimaru go to investigate. The group ends up stumbling upon a few traps, one of which washes them all away to another area. There, Ikkaku gets attacked by a Sword Beast with tentacles and gets separated from the others. Hanatarou, Nanao and Houzukimaru then come across a camp set up by a small white figure, and they find most of the stolen stuff. Before they can learn anything from the culprit, the Sword Beast attacks again. Houzukimaru's attacks against it are ineffective, and right as things are looking bad, the small white figure picks up his sword, heals Ikkaku with it, and then defeats the Sword Beast with its power. It turns out that this figure is none other than Hanatarou's Zanpakutou Hisagomaru, and it had run away to the sewers because of a misunderstanding. Hanatarou and Hisagomaru are thus reunited, however they get separated again while trying to exit the sewers.

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