Strawberry - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Memories"

The more you see of Strawberry 100%, the more you may just want to slap Kitaoji. While there are certainly spoiler characters in every crowd, Kitaoji just seems to be able to take it in a more vicious way. The opening to this episode has Manaka helping her out shopping for some little present or other and Tojo comes across them while out shopping herself, presumably for Manaka for Valentine's Day. Yet here's Kitaoji going on suddenly and loudly that they're on a date, which he denies quickly and plainly enough that Tojo should get it. Yet when he confronts Kitaoji about it later, it just turns badly as she yells at him a lot and claims to be through chasing him.

And when Valentine's Day does arrive, he's in quite the pickle as pretty much everyone wants to give him something from the trio that he's sorta kinda dating. Thoug they're not all that obvious about it at times which makes it really awkward. Kitaoji still want to give him something but she's playing hard to get in a way and then gets very frustrated when she sees Tojo giving him something after school. Tojo's still denying her interest in him and is just giving it to him as a thank you for expanding her world since the two met. And Nishino is being coy in wanting to give him something and instead of doing it straight out, she just leaves a mysterious package at his front door instead. When he walks in with a couple of things, his mother has the best reaction overall.

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