One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 460 - Review: "An Enormous Fleet Appears - The Whitebeard..."

The execution draws ever near, with it being three hours away now, which is a step up from the four hours it was for awhile and through all the recap and special episodes. The previous episode did a nice job of explaining about Marineford and some of its history and touching on some character moments for Ace, ending with an important bit of information about his parents to the assembled Navy men, Warlords and Admirals. Revealing him to be a part of the bloodline of the King of Pirates is something that impacts a lot of those watching, likely for a variety of reasons, but it's certainly an important revelation to be made.

While most people are focused on his relation to Roger as being someone who should not be alive as all those associated with him were killed a long time ago, there are those making the connection that it means that Ace is not Luffy's biological brother since Dragon isn't his father. It's very surprising to several of those who have grown to know Luffy, Hancock included. The episode shifts to Ace's days before he was born and when people were being sought out, Roger himself as well when there is word that he was living on a particular island and not acting at all like a pirate but as a father. The roundup is interesting to watch as is the way his mother works furiously internally to keep Ace within her rather than let him be born so as to fool those who are trying to find the child. It isn't explained medically of course, but it gives us the reason why she did it and how Ace slipped through their fingers.

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