Baka and Test - Season 1 - Episode 13 - Review: "Idiot, Test and Summon Beasts"

We have the aftermath of the defeat of Class F by Class A. They way they lost was not entirely right or just, but then life seldom is. Sakamoto is philosophical in defeat, blaming their own carelessness and allowing their guard to drop for the loss. Now, they don't even have cardboard boxes in their classroom, only boards attached to strings that they can loop around their neck.

The situation does not sit right with Akihisa either, and after the unwanted attempts of his sister to console him (in her incestuous ways, which all fail as Akihisa may be stupid, but he isn't sick), he goes to the principal and asks her to allow Class F to fight Class A again. Surprisingly, Yuuko Kinoshita and Shouko Kirishima from Class A appear as well, asking for a rematch. They are also not pleased with the battle, more because of how poorly they did than any other reason, winning for the most part only by a fluke at the very end. The principal grants the request, but only under special conditions. This will be a duel between Akihisa and Shouko, a duel fought with a test. The winner will be allowed to make one small request from the losing side. Yoshii does not say what his goal is. Shouko's is obvious: to force Yuuji to marry her.

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