Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 15 - Review: ''Rival"

After Sawako wipes the tears off Kurumi with her handkerchief, Kurumi notices Sawako is crying too so she wipes her tears off for her, making the excuse that it’s annoying that she's crying. Kurumi asks if they are dating now but Sawako being so naive she tells her that she hasn't thought that far and also the fact that she didn't even have friends a little while back. Kurumi tells her that Kazehaya doesn't look at people that way. Then they start talking about all the good qualities of Kazehaya. Kurumi tells her that it doesn't matter now since Kazehaya thinks she likes Pin now. Sawako is shocked by this and asks why and Kurumi just tells her there are a bit of misunderstanding. Kurumi tells her it doesn't matter but Sawako tells her that it's not, that she has to tell the truth and Kazehaya will believe her. So after school, she sees Kazehaya thinking that Ayane told him about the rumours. Instead he still can't believe that Kurumi likes Pin.

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