Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 9 - Review: "Ep 9"

Strike Witches kicks off with a nice bit of action, always helpful, as the girls deal out some destruction on the latest Neuroi to foolishly attack them with no clear plan of action in mind or apparent goal. It's a bit of a tough fight but Perrine strikes the critical blow that saves the day and ends up earning them all something of a day off the next day so they can do some basic silly drills at the beach wearing lots of pretty swimsuits and being silly. A little bit of play, some silliness and a fun little trip down under the water that reveals to them a treasure chest that they get excited over, especially Perrine.

The chest itself is pretty amusing as there's several chests within the chests and it leads to an empty chest, dashing Perrine's hope. She's become very concerned about a village that they fought near recently which had a lot of ancillary destruction bestowed on it from their fight against the Neuroi and she decided she wanted to use the treasure in order to help rebuild a bridge there that she feels particularly responsible for. So when they basically go on a treasure hunt with a map that takes them into the lower levels of the base, which is an old witches refuge from years and years ago, we get a nice period of everyone working together and a bit of mystery, excitement and adventure in the most basic of treasure hunting manner.

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