Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #06 Review

The series so far has been pretty uneven and with an unusually long early flashback that I still find took some of the wind out of the sails for the series. With the sixth episode, the Legend of Legendary Heroes largely gets its groove back and proves to be a lot of fun. There was a lot of interesting political and intrigue items in the previous episode and that spills over into this one after the assassination issue. Encouraged by Miran, Sion heads to Nelpha to meet with the king there in order to try and broker an understanding. The wordplay and nuance to it certainly isn't subtle, but it's the kind of thing that works within the framework of the series and shows us that there is room to work.

What upsets it is the arrival of the prince, Starnel, who is actually the seeming power behind the throne at this point and he wants to do nothing but crush this upstart young king who is playing at the role more than actually owning it. This sets a new layer of intrigue as Sion goes to meet with Ryner and Ferris who actually staying with Starnel's son and Sion is completely aware that he's potentially the real secret behind the throne as other nobles consult him on things, though he's simply an affable and friendly type with no serious aspirations to power. He's the epitome of a good kid who knows he's not going to get anywhere and lives his life the best he can. And it's amusing how Sion plays it, especially as both he and Ferris keep having to remind Ryner that Sion is not to be known as the king during this visit.

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