Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 14 - Review: ''Kurumi"

Again sorry for the delay, I've just been busy (read: playing video games) and although I watch the episodes, I just haven't had time to review them. I'll make this a real quick one since a new episode airs tomorrow. After Ayane tells Sawako that Kurumi is responsible for the rumours, Sawako thinks it's some kind of mistake. However Kurumi admits that she did spread the rumours. She also tells her that she's never considered her a friend. It's also revealed that the only rumour Kurumi spread was the fact the rumours were spread by Sawako. She also tells her that she was in the way of getting to Kazehaya. After revealing everything, Ayane and Chizuru to give her a piece of her mind. Instead, she starts crying is disbelief. Ayane and Chizuru get mad so Chizuru tells Kurumi that she's over the rumours and she doesn't need an apology. She just tells Kurumi to never hurt Ayane or Sawako again. She should have ended it there but she goes on to tell her that she won't help her out ever again because it's a hassle. Ayane then tells her that she's going to tell Kazehaya about all this. Kurumi tells them to do anything they want. It doesn't matter, so the girls leave Kurumi behind. After Sawako tells Ayane and Chizuru to not tell Kazehaya about this.

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