Castle in the Sky DVD Review

Castle in the Sky was Hayao Miyazaki's second movie for Studio Ghibli, following up the popular Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Like Nausicaa, Castle in the Sky is an adventure in the skies, but without Miyazaki's sometimes heavy-handed environmentalism, which makes Castle in the Sky a bit more accessible than its predecessor. This movie has been rereleased with My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service in conjunction with the home release of Ponyo on the Sea, though it does not quite fit in with the other three. It may not be my favorite Miyazaki movie'"in fact, it is my least favorite of the four being released at this time'"it is still very entertaining.

Sheeta is the prisoner of Colonel Muska aboard his airship, though he treats her like an honored guest. Muska needs Sheeta to help him find something and is convinced that her blue stone is the key to his search. However, before they can get far, the airship is attacked by Dola and her gang of pirates who want the stone for themselves. In the confusion of the attack, Sheeta manages to get the stone back from Muska, but in an attempt to run from the sky pirates, she falls off deck and into the clouds below.

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