Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 13 - Review: ''Love"

Kazehaya can't take it anymore and decides to grab Sawako and run away to talk to her in private. Kurumi is in shock that he's done this and has no idea what to do. Ryu, not really caring decides to leave the scene. Meanwhile Ayane is telling Chizuru that the rumours might have been started by Kurumi. She doesn't understand why Kurumi started rumours about her and Ayane. She thinks that it's because Kurumi likes Ryu. Ayane has to set her straight that Kurumi actually likes Kazehaya. On Kazehaya and Sawako's end, they've stopped and Kazehaya poses the question to Sawako, do you like Ryu? After a short moment Sawako tells him that it's not love that she feels for him. She's come to realize that she loves Kazehaya. It's now undeniable. Now, Kazehaya sort of asks her out, but Sawako responds with where. He corrects her saying he meant boyfriend/girlfriend. She then gets all fidgety and tells him that it's an adult thing to do and she thinks that that's beyond her still. Kazehaya is satisfied with this for the time being and they decide to head back. Back at Ayane and Chizuru, Chizuru still doesn't understand why Kurumi wanted Chizuru to introduce random girls to Kazehaya to avoid girls dating him. Then Ryu comes along and Chizuru mentions to Ryu about how Sawako wanted to see him.

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