Uraboku Episode #14 Review

The shock of Kanata being Reiga has really taken a toll on Yuki as we learn from the start that he's been asleep for two days because of the shock of it all. Yuki's definitely an emotional type so it's not surprising, but even this feels like a bit too much as it turns him into more of a wuss than should be allowed. A psychological impact is not unexpected, and as we see from the dream that he has about how he envisioned his life, it's definitely understandable that it would be hurtful and painful to learn what Kanata has become, though it's still cloudy as to how much of it is truly Kanata underneath the trappings of Reiga. But sleeping for two days? Just a bit too much.

Much of the focus is given over to everyone watching how Yuki is trying to get back on track and they're all concerned he may be doing too much. That too much of course is cleaning, cooking and general housework in the Twilight Mansion. It's kind of silly to watch since you have all these brooding and overly concerned beautiful men watching this one young very effeminate man "overworking" himself by doing basic chores and helping out after two days of rest. Thankfully, there's a bit more meat to the episode as there's some good dialogue, dramatic as it may be, between Shusei and Hotsuma over the actions they took in their fight against Ashley and how they handled themselves. With their history and the wounds caused against each other, physical and psychological, they're trying to establish new boundaries and grounds from which to work and live from.

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