NANA: Complete Collection Part 4 DVD Review

It's little surprise here at the end of the Nana anime series that there isn't anything resembling a true conclusion. In a somewhat rushed form we get a mild look toward the future in the last episode, mashed up with elements in the present, but by and large this set finishes out watching characters flounder with their relationships so much that it impacts their work lives significantly, which in turn impacts a lot of other people. When you realize that up until the start of this set that only six months have passed, it really makes you understand how chaotic their lives must be for it to have gone this way.

The final set of episodes, which has one recap Junko's Room episode in the middle of the first disc, has two distinct flows to it that coincide as time goes on. The primary function of the show is all about the relationships, relationships which have gotten a lot more complicated when new things were introduced recently with Yasu and Reira's not-really relationship and the way that Ren believes that Nana still loves him but has a different and more important love for Yasu who has served as a protector. It's become complicated yet not over time as everyone has a string tied to each other in some way it seems but practically nobody is willing to admit how they feel or what they really want. It's almost frustrating watching it because you halfway believe that even they don't know what they want and it becomes hard to root for any particular kind of relationship.

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