30 Rock (S2)

After its first season, many critics were ready to hail 30 Rock as the hands down best comedy on television. Although I loved it, I wasn't quite ready to take my acclaim that far. I wanted to give it some time and see if Tina and company could maintain the success they found with the first season and then improve upon it.

I'm happy to say, that you can count me amongst the adoring fans of 30 Rock. Season two continues everything started with season one and then makes it better. The jokes are faster and there's always a running gag within the show. Season two reminds me of the last few seasons of Seinfeld, where each character had an interrelated situation that became clear at the end. Plus, the jokes in 30 Rock are bust-your-gut hilarious and you can watch each episode several times and still find yourself laughing out loud.

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