Shiki - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Ninth Coffin"

Slowly but surely, time is moving forward and the number of bodies falling continues to rise. What's become a problem is that all the research that Toshio has done has led him to the inescapable conclusion that this is not a normal problem that's happening. It's not a typical outbreak of a virus or something else that can be explained away easily or scientifically by him and those he's working with. After exhausting all his available options, he made it clear to the others, and Seishin as well, that there may be something supernatural about it. Or unnatural, as he brings in the concept of the okiagari as being the root cause of the deaths.

A truly fascinating and surprising moment comes when Toshio and Seishen spend the night with one of his patients in order to see if there's something to this theory. While I would expect some kind of interaction, maybe one side, I did not expect one of the turned, Nao, to appear outside the blinds and gaze in hungrily with a creepy grin when Toshio opens the blinds. Similar to the sequences with Megumi haunting Natsuno, it's positively eerie and chill inducing in watching this happen. And with the creature unable to feed on the patient, Setsuko, Toshio has noticed a marked improvement in her within just a day. If recovery can happen so quickly if being fed on stops, it gives him hope to help others, but doesn't deal with the core problem. A problem that would get him labeled as mad by most everyone.

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