Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 15 - Review: "Ep 15"

The East Tokyo United had a really great game where they had their first win at a time when Tatsumi was going to be really pleased by just tying things up. In order to make sure they don't get cocky and overthink their victory, he spent a lot of time working them in practice to keep their focus on while the show spent an episode on the supporting cast and how much goes into their jobs. It was a nice bit of humanizing that helped to expand the cast and give it a little downtime from the game itself after a few episodes worth of the Nagoya and ETU match.

Their latest game is certainly going well as they're scoring more than they have before and putting up a very strong offense overall, keeping the other team on defense more often than not. There's a new energy to the team and a real drive to win that wasn't quite there before that's really fun to watch. The fans are getting enthusiastic, the players are wanting to stay in as long as they can and there's a frustration in not being able to score at this point. When the team wins their second game in a row, the first time they've had consecutive victories in a very long time, it's the kind of uplifting and still surprising win that just warms them to the core. Watching how the fans react alone is worthwhile.

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