Moyashimon Episode #09 Review

The busiest time of the year for the students is here with the Harvest Festival and Sawaki and his group is pretty busy as well considering what they've brewed up this year. Unfortunately, there's a somber note to it after the last episode with Hasegawa leaving the university just as Sawaki is realizing his feelings for her, on top of learning a few episodes earlier that his best friend from back home is now either cross dressing or had a full on gender change operation. Sawaki's taking his issues out on everyone even while dealing with the fermentation, which is cute since we see so many of the microbes floating all over the place from it in such a happy state.

Hasegawa's leaving has definitely hit the group hard, especially after being rather wiped out from the events of the festival itself. The professor is rather saddened to give them the news, which includes the fact that she's now likely heading to France to get married and whatever she's left at the university can be thrown away or burned, and that only makes the impact all the more striking for all of them. Though they can't be entirely sure that Hasegawa wants to be saved, they feel that she must and that they want to do just that so they all start working hard by showing of a nice bit of skin and cosplay to try and raise money so they can win the big prize which will give them enough money to get to France.

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