Shin Koihime Musou - Season 1 - Episode 11/12 - Review: "Bachou Tries To Hold It In"

So, the Yellow Turbans have done it now. When a local official tried to stop their last concert, they turned the crowd against the official, but because of their lack of knowledge about the magic book they have, they did not realize the crowd would not just turn against one official, but against all officials, sparking a minor revolt in the town. Things look bad, as now they are wanted criminals. The sisters debate what the do next, and they decide that if you've already started down the garden path, you might as well continue. They will try to gather even more supporters, hoping to make themselves too large a target for the weak central government to want to suppress.

Then we move to the real action: which is watching Batai, Bachou's cousin, accompanied by little Riri, sneak into Bachou's room to see how she wakes up. After some obvious breast jealousy humor (Bachou is blessed with more than Batai), Batai then moves on to see if Bachou has wet herself in bed.

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