Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: ''Feeling Of Love"

As Sawako and Kurumi prepare themselves to watch the boys play baseball, Kurumi tries to persuade Sawako to take a liking to Ryu. As the boys are about to start, Sawako seems like she completely ignored what Kurumi said and was just looking at Kazehaya. She assures Kurumi that that's not the case but she confirms that they both wanted to see him play. Sawako mentions that she wants to see a side to Kazehaya that she hasn't seen yet. Kurumi tells her that she is right, Sawako hasn't seen sides to Kazehaya like she has. She has seen him through, rain, wind and snow. She completely slips out that she's worked hard for girls like her to not date him but Sawako just takes it as she's tried very hard over the years. She however tells her that by the time she noticed, she's been thinking of Kazehaya all the time, even right before she goes to sleep. Sawako tells Kurumi that she's going to talk to other guys like Ryu to see if her feelings are special towards Kazehaya. As she's commenting on that and looking at Ryu, Kazehaya sees her from a distance, a part of him being worried. She persists Sawako that she see Ryu to thank him in private. Kurumi, never dealing with anyone like her, someone that would take her request head on, tells her that she's going to do it her own way and leaves the crowd, not watch Kazehaya play. Sawako tells herself that what Kurumi is feeling is love but Sawako starts to question what she feels for Kazehaya.

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