Legend of the Legendary Heroes - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Episode 10"

The fallout from the battle against Siu and Kuu is rather tame, though we do get a couple of minutes where Ryner really looks good in his powered up Alpha Stigma mode where he's powerful and confident. There's a good sense of flair and dramatic effect around it that gives it the feeling of power, but that's made even more so with how Ferris essentially faces him down at first with plenty of strong, cold confidence herself. There's a great shot of her looking at him directly and all we see is her face, the red fire behind her and a stream of blood going down from her forehead. With her expression and the music, it's a solidly powerful moment for her that cements her personality even more.

This is actually over fairly quickly and the bulk of the episode turns toward the political and intrigue side as we see manipulations going on there. Once again, rather notably and seemingly publicly at times, Miran is setting things up for more aggression and more complications that will lead to conflict. Perhaps I'm missing something in how previous encounters went, but every time Miran gets involved in something, he ends up coming across as the villain so very plainly that it's hard to see why people are giving him any interaction at all. You can go with the idea that the king is giving him more than enough rope to hang himself with, but he's gone so far in what's been done and it feels like it's so obviously known that getting away with more is strange to say the least.

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