Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #07 Review

Something is wrong in the heavens, as El, that magical substance, continues to gather in the sky long after the once-in-seven-years meteor shower occurred. So, Leicester's father, who is the high priest in town, has asked the Oasis Adventuring Clan to investigate why the El has not dispersed as it usually does. In order to achieve this, they are to travel to the laboratory of Mizeh Altworth, the specialist in making sentient dolls and other things. Agnes is happy with the idea, since she was trying to find her former teacher to begin with. They set out for the lab, and it is a good thing that they have Agnes along, since the path to it, which is inside a forest, is filled with magical traps of the non-lethal variety--they send you back to where you started.

After a few times being teleported back to the start, the gang decides to allow Agnes to guide them, since she knows the way. After finding the house, Minette reveals that she recognizes the place, and Agnes then reveals that this is where Minette was born. Agnes knows this as she was, in fact, present at Minette's "birth." We then have a flashback to that event, which appears to have taken place some time ago, when Agnes was somewhat younger. At the time, unfortunately, there was not enough El to power Minette, so she fell asleep shortly after being awakened. It seems that the night of the meteor shower was the time when enough El was present to awaken Minette and power her fully.

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