Fist of the North Star: The TV Series Complete Series Collection 1 DVD Review

The prologue to every episode introduces us into the bleak “future” of 199X (the show was made in 1984) where nuclear war has ravaged the land. Mankind has managed to cling to existence but is largely living an existence where water and food are hard to come by and every day is a struggle to survive. As many of the average people cling to the decaying corpses of the previous civilization’s former structures many others have allied themselves with some of the strongest men of the age to form gangs and terrorize the average population. In this hell where the strong prey on the weak the almost vanquished emotion of hope rises as a lone man claws his way out of his own personal hell and stands with the oppressed as he continues down his path bent on revenge against the man who took the most important person in his life.

The first arc of the set introduces the audience to the bleak times that the story takes place in. The opening scene is of a gang slaughtering and taking the possessions of a group trying to traverse the wasteland. The gang all have the letter “Z” tattooed on them. The scene shifts to a shot of a lone man walking in the barren expanse. He drops to his knees and starts digging in the sand apparently searching for water before collapsing. In his fatigue the image of a blonde man rising from the sand appears to him and mocks him, causing him to get to his feet. He then sees a vision on the horizon of a woman he calls Yuria as he finds the strength to continue his endeavor. He walks into town only to be accosted by members of the gang with the letter “Z” on them.

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