Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: ''Special?"

Sawako tells Kurumi that she can't help her with her getting together with Kazehaya. She tells her that since she doesn't fully support it, she can't help her. Kurumi tries to play her maybe she's not good enough act but it doesn't work with Sawako. Sawako tells her that they are a match but she still can't help her since Kazehaya is special to her too. Kurumi then shows her true side to Sawako, but only for a second before she walks away from her. The next day is Sport's Day and both Pin and Chizuru are pumped. So pumped Chizuru wears a red shirt so she stands out. The first game is girls soccer. Sawako's class is up 3-2 but they're still not in the clear. When the team is in danger, Sawako comes out to the rescue by blocking a shot and kicking it back to Chizuru. She scores the goal, the team winning 4-2. Even though it was a perfect kick by Sawako, it wouldn't come without something funny. She's kicked her shoe out too and it just happens to land on Kurumi's head. As Ayane and Chizuru head to practice for the volleyball game, Ayane tells Sawako to go and cheer on the boy baseball team and to not lose (against Kurumi).

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