One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 465 - Review: "The Winner Will be Justice - Sengoku's Stra... "

The massive fight in One Piece really picked up in the last episode while still giving us a bit of decent character material. Seeing Ace watch all the carnage being waged around him because of him is crushing, but watching his friend Oars take on significant damage in the fight, combined with the flashbacks showing us the bonds that the two have and why Oars is reaching as hard as he is, adds some good impact to it. The result of that particular fight is at the start here with some good dramatic moments, even though it has a few too many dramatic pauses, as Oars goes the distance to help out his friend no matter the sacrifice.

The battle plays out pretty well across the episode with some nice little moments along the way. Coby and his friend are desperate to get away for good reason as they watch such overpowered individuals being taken down left and right around them, but it goes against the Naval code and orders from above so they could easily be accused of deserting even though they're just trying to find a safe place. When they see another soldier getting dealt with for doing what they're doing, it makes the whole situation even more precarious for them. But the hints of something larger about to happen is brought out and even Whitebeard starts to sense that the Navy has something in the works as an ace up their sleeve.

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