My First Time DVD Review

With the latest clip show from Adult Source Media, the theme is all about first times and that’s something that they can manipulate easily enough with clips. With this release, we get several stories that are generally a bit more on the pleasant side, or if you prefer, consensual for the most part. That’s a huge difference in the world of hentai admittedly but having clips of this nature definitely helps after watching some of the less than savory material recently in their release of Bound To Please. Sadly, similar to other clip shows that they’ve been bringing out, Adult Source Media has done this one in dub only form as well so no Japanese voices to go with this, which is certainly the appeal to a number of fans. Who wants to listen to Western women enjoy themselves?

The variety here is pretty good as it works across both older shows and more recent titles, i.e. things out at the beginning of the decade, where we have the mix of traditionally animated material and digitally animated material. Both have their appeal, but similar to other clip show releases, what we’re getting here tends to be of the budget variety to some extent and not all that engaging. The concept of first times is generally nicely done here as we see the men wooing their women and one or two stories actually taking a little bit of time with dialogue and atmosphere before getting down to the bedroom. Some of the material is familiar though as we have the tutor and student clip that we also saw in Sexual Education here. Some of the older clips were very reminiscent of the designs that we saw in Cool Devices years ago with the character designs and the kinds of situations feeling that way.

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