30 Rock Review: "Stone Mountain" (episode 4.3)

Two weeks ago, Todd VanDerWerff from the AV Club wrote a blog entitled “30 Rock’s Dangerous Decline and the Shadow of Will and Grace,” which I took some umbrage with mostly because I disagreed with many of the points ... and partially because there were a few that I did in fact agree with. He basically posited that the lack of character development and proliferation of plots has been what's bringing the show down, though that's a bit of a reduction of his argument. Last week’s episode was particularly disappointing and made me question whether VanDerWerff was right on more than I’d initially thought.

But this week’s episode brought me back as a believer. It wasn’t one of the show’s instant-classic that Fay and co. were churning out with ridiculous speed during the first couple seasons, but it was still a very good episode. By the standards of a lesser show it was a great episode. We’ve still been led to expect better, but if the rest of the season pans out in the same manner I’ll be only slightly disappointed.

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