Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 23 - Review: "Episode 23"

While it's nice to believe that everything Tatsumi does is for a reason, sometimes he does say things without thinking that have a fair bit of impact. After Natsuki worked hard to get on his good side and to be a part of the team after being away for awhile from an injury, he's doing his best to really get out there and be a part of the game and impress and shine for his family. He's having trouble, at least with his vision of things, with how Gino is controlling the game in a way and he's feeling like he can't get in there the way he wants to. Natsuki's definitely the slightly older earnest type with the experience to play well but has not done well in this game and is being sidelined by his own teammates because of it.

Natsuki wasn't a favorite of mine in his mid-season introduction, but he's slowly made his way into the series after being a bit outgoing, mostly because they pushed him to the background a bit to focus on other players, thereby making sure the second half of the season wasn't completely about him or allowing him to dominate it. Now that we're in the final stretch, we're seeing him coping with the way he feels about soccer and what his position as a forward means. He wants to score, he wants to get the attention for it, but he has to grow into being an actual team player, something that Tatsumi put into his head in a way I don't think he even realized when he did it. But it sunk in and Natsuki has been grappling with it.

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