Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 19 - Review: "Memories"

Due to not being able to come visit Aoba's family during New Years, they've come out to the Asami residence in the midst of winter to spend time there and reminisce. Or for the older people, they're just going to enjoy a fair bit of drinking, which is kind of exclusionary for the younger characters. Ko's come along with them since the two families have mingled together for so very long now that it's only natural since there's a closeness. It's nice to see how Ko is so relaxed in this kind of setting, just like he is when he goes to the batting cages and the restaurant that Aoba's family runs, and it's nice to get away from the baseball for a little bit.

The setting for this is nice with a classic style home covered in snow, often shown in the middle of the night with more snow falling. It's a very relaxed atmosphere but one that definitely encourages memories from the past to come to the foreground. There's an amusing sequence where Aoba is in the bath and she remembers what it was like when she was much younger with her sisters in there and how Ko would come bursting in, naked as a jay bird, and make everything worse. Those memories are so strong that she confuses it with the present, even though Ko isn't in there. It's another nice moment that shows the ties the two have and the long number of memories and shared events, made all the more apparent when they start going through photo albums.

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