Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 54 - Review: "Beyond the Raging Fire"

The buildup of events are definitely moving along at a large scale, but like any good story it's the smaller and more human elements that elevate it to epic levels. The bulk of this story revolves around Mustang and Hawkeye, going back as far as the Ishvalan war where we see a poignant scene of Hawkeye burying an Ishvalan child as Mustang looks on, understanding what she's going through and listening to her requests to be freed from the alchemy her father has placed on her. It's a good if brief reminder of how well tied the two of them are into the present.

With Hughes' killer now fully named and within Mustang's reach, he's gone all out to have vengeance upon him and kill him, brutally. It's a really cold and intense scene for the master of flame as he's ready to take that final step until Hawkeye tries her best to bring him back to reality. What's conflicting about all of it, as Ed and Scar watch on as well, is that there may be an element (large or small) within the viewer that will root for Mustang to go the distance and do the deed of killing this squirmy little pile of homunculi evil. Envy even goes so far as to egg Mustang on to make that leap beyond and do it, which will forever alter him. Even with the price that must be paid, you want Roy to do it.

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