Uraboku Episode #07 Review

With the core cast of characters now firmly in their places as the two latest additions have made their full appearances since Yuki came to Tokyo, it's time to move on to the next setting. And that setting is the Twilight Mansion itself where Yuki will be living, a rather beautiful place located deep in the woods in the heart of the city. Surrounded by a barrier, it's a place that doesn't exist on any map and is set to keep away those that don't belong, giving them basic peace and security from normal folk, though likely no real deterrent against any sort of Duras attack. The mansion also holds at least on surprise in the form of Aya, a very classic Japanese female character in a kimono who serves as an employee of the place along with a Giou named Tachibana who is the manager of the Twilight Mansion.

Much of the first half of the episode is all about the introductions the mild tour of the mansion. There's a bit of wacky involved when Doctor Isuzu finally shows up as we get that he's the kind of disconnected but brilliant type who does amazing work as a doctor but also as a researcher into the Duras, something that keeps him pretty occupied. Yuki gets to check out his room which is pretty nice considering he came from an orphanage and he also gets to meet the mascot of the series in a cute little plushie bat-dragon-mouse of sorts named Sodom. All of it culminates in an amusing balcony scene where Yuki is looking out over the area and Luka is down below gazing up at him, giving us one of the more obvious moments of shounen-ai in a series fairly thick in it already, much to the surprise of some I'm sure who haven't realized what kind of show this is yet.

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