Uraboku - Season 1 - Episode 22 - Review: "To the Final Battle... "

With the state of things after the encounter with Cadenza and then Reiga, along with Luka causing a spot of trouble himself, Uraboku has settled into the state where things are settling just a bit before it all ramps up for the finale. What proved interesting is that after the opening sequence, we have a number of character sitting around lamenting that their actions end up causing Yuki pain because he heals them after they have a hard time protecting him. It's a natural enough response, but I was taken back by the fact the cast has grown enough that I recognize these characters visually but it's getting harder to name them as they kept adding so many when they've moved from location to location to location. Outside of the very core characters, the secondaries aren't leaving an impression at all.

The fallout from the incident has left Yuki in fairly bad shape though he's starting to recover with a bit of memory from the past when he was someone else, someone very close to Luka. Takashiro on the other hand has been rather hurt by the incident and is now planning for his demise by making sure that it won't be in vain, intent on helping Yuki and Luka accomplish what he no longer can. There's a good sense of somberness to the proceedings at this stage of the game which is made more so with the flashbacks that show a very different Luka and some of the things that the main characters have gone through in order to get where they are in the present or in this life.

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