High School of the Dead - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "The DEADâ??S house rules"

With everyone finally making it to Takagi's house, a little bit of downtime is in order since there's been so much going on. It's only been a day since they've all made it here but the tensions are rising already, well, outside of Rei who has had some medicine applied to her body in a most amusing way. Most everyone is just enjoying taking the short break from all the tension of the last few days, Takashi and Saeko especially, but there's a growing undercurrent going on here. As Takashi and the others try to help out where they can or just while doing what they normally do, they're continually treated as just kids, even though they survived several days out in that madness. That problem is starting to become more apparent, but for Takagi it's a hugely critical thing that's driving her somewhat mad.

Takagi's mother has made quite the fortress out of her residence and has secured a lot of people inside of there to carry forth with her plans. Considering the short time in which events happened, it paints her as a very capable woman and one who definitely understands the world. We even get the nod that part of the military has acted on its own to secure the power plants when the outbreak began, knowing the Prime Minister wouldn't be able to act quickly enough. But as Takagi points out to Takashi, how long until even those places start to fall and what little civilization remains disappears. But even now what civilization there is has started to fade away as we see the current head of the Takagi family, Saya's father Soichiro, showing a very cruel and strong style form of justice being applied to those who have turned. It all makes sense, but the continually throwing it in the faces of the survivors pushes him over to the cruel side.

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