Chu Bra! - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Have Pride With Those Chests"

The culture festival is fast approaching and the Underwear Appreciation Society is trying to figure out the best thing they can do for it. The society still hasn't really gotten a whole lot of acceptance in the school but they've managed to skirt around the edges of things well enough to keep operating. But they want to be more involved because they are all good kids and they have some fun ideas, though nothing that would really make them all that accepted to a general public. Having a booth that teaches people how to unhook bras in their sleep or showing off mansierres, shades of Kramer from the Seinfeld show, aren't going to win them much good thought.

With planning to figure out what to do underway, Kiyono reveals that she won't be all that involved. Telling it in a sort of offhanded manner in order to draw attention to herself, she informs the others that she'll be doing modeling for Orarisu Apparel which is where he mother works and she'll be showing off underwear that's been designed there. That instantly draws Nayu's attention and she and the other girls all go along to the modeling shoot to check it out. It's fairly standard modeling material with some cute outfits and poses and such, but it doesn't go well when it's revealed that Kiyono asked for a size too big on the bra which makes it look loose on her, a definite no no in modeling. And this is after days and days of trying to increase the size of her bust through any method possible.

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