House of Five Leaves - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Gradually Get Him Involved"

In talking about the first two episodes of the series, it's easy to see some dropoff occur after the second episode as that one seemed to slow things down a fair bit further while not really progressing anywhere. Some series are really good for handling that, but House of Five Leaves seemed like it would do a little more with itself after that first episode. The show has a very distinct pacing to it as it moves along, which is made all the more apparent through the dialogue, music and the character designs which seem to be a little stunned or uncertain at times. The third episode starts to move Masanosuke into the fold of the Five Leaves a little more, though other members aren't so sure he belongs still.

Yaichi has managed to get Masanosuke a job as a bodyguard which he takes since he wants some kind of basically clean work that he can feel good about. And a job where he can feel good about sending the money home he gets from it. He takes to the job pretty nicely, making friends with those that he's guarding and spending a fair bit of time with one of the kids there. While this is going on, Yaichi has dispatched Matsu to the wholesaler that Masanosuke is guarding and sets him to finding out the last details of the operation there so they know exactly what they're dealing with before their own plan goes into full effect. It's not a plan that's considerate of Masanosuke's nature either as he gets taken advantage of and accused of being poor at his job, since the child ends up being kidnapped and ransomed, with Masanosuke used by everyone in the end.

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